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Data last updated: 6/14/14

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on 06/14/2014
Company Name
Assets Under
(AUM) In
$ Billions
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Date of
data used
Featured Offer
1BlackRock Funds$4,401.00 Request info...3/31/2014
2Vanguard$2,860.00 Request info...3/31/2014
3Allianz Global
$2,440.00 Request info...3/31/2014
4State Street Global
$2,381.00 Request info...3/31/2014
5Charles Schwab$2,300.00 Request info...3/31/2014
6American Funds | PIMCO$1,930.00 Request info...3/31/2014
$1,706.50 Request info...4/30/2014
8BYN Mellon
$1,600.00 Request info...3/31/2014
9JP Morgan Funds$1,600.00 Request info...3/31/2014
10Wells Fargo Advantage Funds$1,600.00 Request info...3/31/2014
11Deutsche Asset and Wealth
$1,290.00 Request info...3/31/2014
$1,100.00 Request info...3/31/2014
13Goldman Sachs
Asset Management
$956.00Request info...3/31/2014
14Franklin Templeton$908.30Request info...5/31/2014
15Natixis Global
Asset Management
$899.90Request info...3/31/2014
16Invesco$790.10Request info...5/31/2014
17AXA$761.00Request info...3/31/2014
18T. Rowe Price$711.40Request info...3/31/2014
19Legg Mason Global Asset Management$702.00Request info...3/31/2014
$700.00Request info...3/31/2014
21UBS Funds$674.00Request info...3/31/2014
22BNP Paribas$661.50Request info...3/31/2014
23TD Ameritrade$634.00Request info...5/31/2014
24BofA Merrill Lynch
(owns 34% of
Black Rock)
25TIAA-CREF$469.00Request info...3/31/2014
26Alliance Bernstein$457.00Request info...4/30/2014
27Aberdeen Asset
Management (UK)
$541.00Request info...3/31/2014
28ING Investment Management$483.20Request info...3/31/2014
Financial Group
$483.20Request info...4/30/2014
30Morgan Stanley$470.00Request info...3/31/2014
31LPL Financial (Note: advisory funds only)$447.10Request info...3/31/2014
32Credit Suisse Asset Management$441.40Request info...3/31/2014
33Sun Life Gobal Investments
+ MFS (CAN)*
$421.00Request info...3/31/2014
34RBC Global
Asset Management (CAN)
$392.00Request info...3/31/2014
$366.20Request info...3/31/2014
36Aegon$339.00Request info...3/31/2014
Fund Advisors
$350.00Request info...3/31/2014
38Julius Baer
Asset Management
$276.00Request info...4/30/2014
39John Hancock
Investments (CAN)
$320.10Request info...4/15/2014
40Nomura Asset
$291.00Request info...3/31/2014
41AVIVA Investors$268.30Request info...1/1/2014
42Eaton Vance
$286.00Request info...4/30/2014
43Touchstone Investments$243.40Request info...3/31/2014
Investments (Northwestern Mutual)
$223.00Request info...6/30/2013!
$236.00Request info...4/30/2014
46Nuveen Investments$118.00Request info...3/31/2014
$211.70Request info...3/31/2014
48Guggenheim Investments$210.00Request info...3/31/2014
49Neuberger Berman$242.00Request info...3/31/2014
50The Carlyle Group$185.00Request info...3/31/2014
51Babson Capital
$188.00Request info...3/31/2014
52Dodge & Cox Funds$190.00Request info...3/24/2013!
53Janus Capital
$170.30Request info...4/30/2014
54Lazard Management Group$163.00Request info...3/31/2014
$149.00Request info...12/31/2013
56IGM Financial$137.00Request info...3/31/2014
57Calvert Investments$132.70Request info...4/2/2013!
58Waddell & Reed$114.00Request info...3/31/2014
59TCW Funds$130.00Request info...12/31/2013
60Reliance Trust$122.00Request info...9/30/2013!
61First Eagle Funds$98.00Request info...12/31/2013
62The Hartford$96.70Request info...3/31/2014
63American Century
$95.00Request info...1/9/2014
64Thornburg Investment
$90.00Request info...3/31/2014
65Oakmark Funds$78.00Request info...3/31/2014
$68.40Request info...3/31/2014
67TransAmerica$67.20Request info...3/31/2014
68William Blair
$62.10Request info...3/31/2014
69USAA Investment
$55.00Request info...3/31/2014
70Man Group$55.00Request info...3/31/2014
71US Bancorp Fund Services$54.00Request info...4/30/2014
72Lord Abbett$50.00Request info...12/31/2013
73Gabelli Funds$47.00Request info...3/31/2014
74Sterling Capital Funds
$45.00Request info...3/31/2014
75Och-Ziff Capital Management Group$43.60Request info...3/31/2014
76Davis Funds
$41.00Request info...3/31/2014
77Royce Funds$39.00Request info...3/31/2014
78Ivy Funds$35.60Request info...3/31/2014
79Blue Crest Capital Management (UK)
$34.20Request info...3/31/2014
80Saturna Capital$32.80Request info...1/11/2014
81RS Investments$27.70Request info...3/31/2014
82Matthews Asia$25.90Request info...3/31/2014
$25.00Request info...3/31/2014
84American Beacon$23.00Request info...3/31/2014
85Virtus Investment
$22.40Request info...4/30/2014
86Brown Brothers Harriman Mutual Funds
$20.40Request info...3/31/2014
87Reams Asset Management$16.60Request info...3/31/2014
88Aston Asset Management (Purchase by AMG pending)$15.90Request info...3/31/2014
89Tweedy Browne Company$15.70Request info...3/31/2014
$15.50Request info...1/10/2014
91Avenue Capital Group$14.00Request info...3/31/2014
92Heartland Funds$6.00Request info...3/31/2014
93MetLife$5.00Request info...2/1/2013!
94Mainstay Capital Capital Management$1.80Request info...10/31/2013!
95AllRequest info...

Is a Backup Plan a smart move?

You diversify your portfolio already to reduce risk. So in times of uncertainty like these, why not diversify your holding into another mutual fund company or two? Unless you are 100% satisfied with your mutual fund provider or are related to your broker, it makes sense to have a secondary mutual fund provider. Why?

  • If your favorite broker leaves, the accurate investment advice drops noticeably all of the sudden or the level of custoInvesting in 2013mer
  • service drops, you want to have one or two  secondary companies already  in place to move your money to maximize your return and safety.
  • I think it’s better to pit two or three companies against each other. Let them know you are doing it. Then at the end of the year, let them all know the results. This will make them work harder for you. The ones that don’t work hard will speak volumes. Having a company you are paying that is not working as hard as possible for you is not a company you want to trust with your financial life and future lifestyle.
  • The profit margins in the mutual fund industry are large. Many companies out there are hungry for new business and you can get some deals. After all, it’s about increasing your wealth to protect your lifestyle and the security of your family.
  • Finally, hopefully there will never be a Berny Madoff situation, but are you willing to bet your and your family’s financial life on that? It only takes one or two very smart bad apples behind the scenes to ruin people’s lives forever. Another reason to diversify.

 Why Mutual Funds?

Like in Vegas, you and most people can hit it big every now and then. However, the Fund Managers have such an advantage in information, key contacts and vast resources over individual investors it’s not even close. Also like in Vegas, your best odds are 48.5%. In other words, Since they are not even 50%, you lose over time and the house always wins. Mutual Funds even the playing field for the individual investor in two ways:

1. They spread your micro-economic risk by spreading your investment over many stocks so if one tanks your overall investment is not devastated and

2. You let the Fund Manager work for you instead of against you.

This greatly simplifies your job as an individual investor. Now you only have to pick the segment of the global economy that you think will be improving then your mutual fund company, and the fund to meet your goals. So you need to decide if the growth areas will be:

Small Cap, Mid Cap, Large Cap, Bonds, Far East, Pacific Rim, China, Europe, South America, Hi Tech, High Beta, Utilities, High Grade Investment Bonds, Junk Bonds, …….

And what mix of each? You don’t need to be keeping tabs on the latest law suit of XYZ’s consumer division or another company’s inventory level. Let the Fund Managers do that part. They can do it better than you. That’s the benefit of investing in mutual fund companies.

As An Example

Morgan Stanley just announced they are laying off 1,600 workers.  According to their website, they have not put out a Foreclosure optionspress release as of 1/10/13 which is odd. I’m sure things are a little crazy there right now, which is my point. However, once they send it out I’m sure it will say something like, “We value our customers and our service to them will not be affected.”

  • It’s not just Morgan Stanley, other mutual fund and brokerage companies are reducing expenses including layoffs in 2012/2013 and they will also say something like, “our customer service will not be affected.” Of course, in reality this is virtually impossible.
  • If your company’s level of service drops off at no fault of the people you like, it may affect you and your portfolio you have with your current mutual fund provider.
  • Some companies will figure it out but most will not and cause you to suffer if yours starts to struggle. You need to consider being proactive by starting relationships with the companies who have figured it out from return, risk and customer service point of view.
  • Will your primary brokerage company like the backup plan? Nope but “tuff!”  If they know you have researched other companies per below, they may offer you some extra incentive to stay. Hence, using the easy research tool below is an easy way to make and save money.

About the Author

An entrepreneur at heart, Mike Dunn launched his first computer training and software development business when he was just 21 years old. With Bachelor’s degrees in both Finance and Information Systems with minors in Economics and Psychology, Dunn embarked on a sales career for AT&T/BellSouth. He soared to the top of his field, matching customers’ corporate goals and objectives to bleeding-edge technology. He has leveraged his 20+ years of leadership in the sales field to help others succeed through his training company, As a thought leader in Internet-related finance, Dunn has been at the forefront of recognizing and acting on game-changing strategies. He melds his expertise in sales and finance in order to quantify return on investment for what Nassim Taleb termed Black Swan Events. Dunn’s current project, Mutual Fund Marketing, focuses on helping Mutual Fund Companies leverage Social Media/Call Center and Mutual Funds sales best practices into a powerful combination to help mutual fund companies achieve and exceed their corporate metrics and goals. Follow him on twitter for the latest updates in the mutual fund industry at “mutualfundmike”.

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