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Job Posting Data

Mike Dunn | Author | Copyright 2012, 2014 – All rights Reserved.

Job Posting Data for Economic Information

I’ve been tracking job posting data using Careerbuilder.com as my source.  As one would expect, sales job posting lead the way as a economic turn around begins. Then other jobs fill in as the economy begins to show signs of improving. What has been said is true, “nothing happens until someone sells something”.


Is Job Posting Data an Economic Indicator?

My qualitative results and analysis are clear. Sales jobs are the first to be posted and the last to be eliminated. When the economy was as at it’s weakest, 52.2% of the jobs on 7/22/12.  This really is fascinating  how the economy tracks as I expected it would. You can see as our economy comes back the sales postings still the largest category but the other jobs grow at a faster pace and dilute the sales category by percentage only as the grow slightly.

How to use this Data in your Investing

My conclusion is that you can see both macro-economic and micro-economic valuable information by looking at job posting data. Companies and industries can hide some information but if they are growing or planning an expansion, they need to find people and key business skills to get the tasks done. And that can be tracked

How Job Posting Data can help Job Seekers

This data is also good for job seekers to them know what kinds of jobs to train for and adjust their resumes to target jobs that exist. To me is a job seeker applies for a job that has 200+ applications and you don’t have and angle to get that job, that job does not exist.  If you know of anyone who who is struggling with job issues and they need that angle to get a job click here.

Job Posting Economic Data for 2013

Job posting data for investors, economists and job seekers comparing job posting data over different periods showing trends to help you make decisions. I find the trends are stunning and useful. Hope you do as well.

Scroll bar is at the bottom of the chart. This table will let you sort and filter the data as needed. Enjoy!
Postings by Category12/26/12 postings% by Catgeory7/22/12 postings% by Catgeory6/24/10 postings
Sales (79430)75,3909.60%79,43031.60%68,268
Customer Service (24368)44,5015.70%24,3689.70%14,525
Management (19368)78,35810.00%19,3687.70%65,487
Retail (18006)25,5403.30%18,0067.20%-
Business Development (16768)18,7382.40%16,7686.70%15,987
Marketing (10571)18,3752.40%10,7514.30%13,207
Entry Level (10295)18,2882.30%10,2954.10%20,650
Insurance (9571)15,8432.00%9,5713.80%-
Automotive (6883)10,9761.40%6,8832.70%-
Consultant (6541)9,7041.20%6,5412.60%-
Finance (5341)31,9494.10%5,3412.10%24,276
Admin - Clerical (3181)19,4692.50%3,1811.30%-
General Business (3038)8,8691.10%3,0381.20%-
Professional Services (2954)18,2232.30%2,9541.20%-
Accounting (2746)27,4353.50%2,7461.10%-
Skilled Labor - Trades (2617)28,9193.70%2,6171.00%21,183
Banking (2602)12,7871.60%2,6021.00%-
Business Opportunity (2473)-0.00%2,4731.00%-
Health Care (2243)58,2837.50%2,2430.90%56,295
Training (2193)9,0741.20%2,1930.90%-
Information Technology (1798)41,7765.30%1,7980.70%29,229
Human Resources (1649)7,6511.00%1,6490.70%-
Installation - Maint -... (1476)10,2511.30%1,4760.60%-
Real Estate (1437)-0.00%1,4370.60%-
Engineering (1391)28,7193.70%1,3910.60%-
Telecommunications (1269)-0.00%1,2690.50%-
Franchise (1248)-0.00%1,2480.50%-
Education (1013)8,4651.10%1,0130.40%10,704
Other (957)20,3392.60%9570.40%-
Pharmaceutical (954)-0.00%9540.40%-
Design (870)12,1541.60%8700.30%-
Transportation (848)14,9401.90%8480.30%-
Legal (774)5,0860.70%7740.30%6,227
Manufacturing (693)17,0702.20%6930.30%21,970
Executive (678)-0.00%6780.30%-
Restaurant - Food... (652)9,5871.20%6520.30%-
General Labor (561)5,9230.80%5610.20%-
Construction (539)4,1000.50%5390.20%-
Strategy - Planning (517)7,7681.00%5170.20%-
Media - Journalism -... (476)-0.00%4760.20%-
Nurse (27664)27,6643.50%0.00%-
QA Quality Control (8224)8,2241.10%0.00%-
Warehouse (6672)6,6720.90%0.00%-
Hospitality/Hotel (5022)5,0220.60%0.00%-
Science (4840)4,8400.60%0.00%-
Facilities (4336)4,3360.60%0.00%-
Total Jobs781,308100%251,169100%368,008
Sales related157,004131,317111,987
% Sales Related Jobs20.10%52.30%Insuf Data
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