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Mutual Fund Company News Update on 2/1/21


When the data will be released

  • Mutualfunddirectory.org will release the update news on the top 140 investment companies on 2/1/21 at 7:45 AM.
  • Yes, Robinhood is getting the headlines. However, there is news on the other 140 companies, including FINRA, and SEC fines.
  • What is the latest news on your company?


How we bring investors and brokers value and convenience

  • Mutualfunddirectory.org helps individual investors and brokers research their current and potentially new or additional investment company
  • Then we provide an easy way for investors to connect to investment companies they want to consider adding to your mix.
  • Like owners of an NFL team, it is good business to keep upgrading your investment players as needed.
  • Make two companies compete for your business, Cut one, then try out another. The best teams win and you win – Smart.
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