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What is happening in the South Pacific during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Things are changing fast and are fluid.

Sadly, this post reads like a Tom Clancy novel. Unfortunately, below seems to true. As far as investing goes, change is opportunity. We may have more opportunities than we can handle.

  • The US is currently flooding the South Pacific with military assets.
  • The US Air Force announced today they are sending over 100 A10-Warthog jets for close air support for the US Marines.
  • The US is rushing its new sea-skimming anti-ship missiles to the area.
  • It appears the new Marine mission is to take back pacific islands and then make them into and anti-ship batteries, SAM missile batteries, and outposts for F-35Bs.
  • The US has announced that it has deployed the bulk of the Pacific Submarine fleet to the South Pacific.
  • This week the US announced that it has successfully tested a 400-kilo-watt laser weapon on a Virginia Class submarine to attack aircraft, drone swarms, small surface boat swarms, and anti-submarine missiles. 
  • It is assumed that the Ohio Class ballistic missile subs are already there.
  • The US Marines are making it known that they have been practicing reclaiming islands in the South Pacific.
  • The US Air Force has stepped up B1B heavy bomber flyovers in the area.
  • The US Navy has persisted in “freedom of navigation” missions by sailing near contested islands in the ocean that the PRC is now trying to claim in defiance of United Nations resolutions. Most of the missions have been with the formidable Arleigh Burke DDG destroyers. 
  • The US is moving assets from Island to Island to make it harder for the PRC military to target the US military with ballistic missiles.
  • It was announced that the US Marines will divest themselves of M1A2 Abrams tanks to instead man anti-ship missile batteries on many South Pacific islands to keep Chinese warships at a distance. The logistics of the heavy battle-tanks do not lend themselves to the south pacific theater like they do in Europe and the middle east.

What is causing the US to Act?

  • The PRC is threatening Taiwan more than ever and may view the Coronavirus situation as an opportunity.
  • The full PRC military is starting war games to practice invading islands near Taiwan.
  • The PRC has started an aggressive propaganda campaign backed by both brides and overt threats.
  • The PRC bought up billions of masks worldwide prior to the acknowledgment of the virus. The PRC is using the masks as blackmail countries in need to garner good propaganda.
  • PRC spies tired to steal Coronavirus ant-virus information but were caught last week.
  • The PRC is treating Vietnam. Vietnam appears to be asking for help from the US.
  • The PRC is treating Malaysia.
  • The PRC is having increased border skirmishes with India. India is trying to decide if they want to align themselves with China or the US going forward. The PRC appears to be using the “stick” approach. The Indian Government downplayed the recent border skirmishes with the Chinese Military.
  • The PRI just deployed a ballistic missile that can hit the entire US homeland this week.

What is happening on the Economic front?

  • The number is unknown, but many Western companies are considering reducing the bulk of manufacturing and supply chains in China. This will certainly hurt China’s already weak economy.
  • The PRC is highly concerned that if the Chinese economy tanks, there will be a revolution with the current PRI losing power.
  • The PRC said last month that they only had (10) COVID-19 cases in the whole of China. However, today they announced that 1 Billion people will be locked back down.
  • China manufactures many products and medicines that will be hard to create plants to manufacture outside of China quickly.