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Mutual Fund Industry Press Release | 02/20/19

For Immediate Release

What is Mutual Fund

  • is the worlds leading Mutual Fund Company Industry Directory.
  • We rank the top 100 mutual fund companies by the key metric of Assets Under Management (AUM) each quarter since 2011. The new update will be released 2016 Mutual Fund Companiesby 02/20/19 at 4 PM.
  • In addition to the directory list, we provide current and concise news on each of the mutual fund companies in one view for an efficient snapshot for your investment company due diligence.
  • We also have in-depth economic blogs to give investors new perspectives on complex economic issues.

How Do We Benefit Individual Investors?

  • We help you find your investment companies | The investment companies help you find your funds.
  • We empower private investors with free information to help choose a mutual fund company partner. Investors can check up on their existing investment company. Plus, the investors can consider “adding” an additional investment company for diversification. It is better use two or three different companies at one time so you can benchmark their service and their results. Then upgrade.
  • Like an NFL team, at the end of the year, you drop the under-performers and keep the best companies based on your criteria. When you upgrade with the best players, then you win.
  • After you upgrade, then you start the process over again so you are always trying to upgrade. That is just good business on your part.
  • We also have (.gov) links to the official formal process to move part of your investments from one company to another “securely.” Something ever successful investor needs to know.

How Do We Help Investment Companies Help You?

  • The good investment companies like this because if they can manage a quarter, third or half of your portfolio, then they can prove that they can produce for you.
  • They get a chance at part of your business. If they can produce for you, you both win. In addition, if they are really good and beat your other companies, they can then get a chance to manage a higher percentage of your portfolio – and you win again.

Market Share % in the Investment Industry

Mutual Fund will also publish a post of the 2018 Q4 Investment Industry Market Share update. Over the years, we have become an un-official ranking resource of market share percentages in the investment industry.

Mutual Funds Company List